10 things we want Prezi to fix- Please

prezi_vector_logoWe had a quick brainstorm in the office this morning.  5 designers, all 2 plus year Prezi veterans. We created a wish list, we got over the layout changes and the ‘disappearing Zebra’, and moved on to a simple list of things that we wish Prezi could do.  Even more we think that Prezi is now at the stage that it should have these simple capabilities, or we’ll start to look at the price and think, ‘Is it worth it?’.

The conversation was prompted by me, after a few prompts from Prezi, completing their latest online survey for users, that spent most of its time asking about Prezi Meeting, and didn’t ask about what new features we’d love to have.  Grrrowl in an annoyed way. So you crazy Geeks, here’s that list of 10 things we want.

1. Add an image disappear effect please.

2. The better manipulation of frames once drawn to allow us to re-size them in relation to their contents instead of having to resize the content to fit the frame.

3. Better in box text editing and information- tell us the font, size, effects as we hover over it with the mouse.

4. Allow grouped objects to be aligned with other objects on the canvas.

5. Standard text sizes option to be set as part of the template options (3 options for size to save all the clicking and resizing)

6. Vector graphics layouts for common presentation types (Progress review, product launch, flow charts, etc)

7. Allow dynamic flash objects (like action buttons) to work inside the Prezi.

8. Better in-path, path point addition tool.  I’m sick of dragging the new path point to the right place in the path.

9. Published list of upcoming modifications and additions so at least we know what to expect

10. Wider range of fonts- FFS.  No excuses now we’re paying premium rates.

Please add your thoughts and we’ll forward the list to Prezi.  Or see the hashtag #preziplease for the list, and to add to it.



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