Keeping in Touch

18 things to help you keep in touch with your network

So you’ve got a nice collection of contacts, how, why and how often should you keep in touch with them.  Here’s 18 simple ways to start with.


  1. Email, ‘Tweet’, or other message ‘just to say hi’.
  2. Email with interesting snippet from a magazine or the web.
  3. Phone them for a for a chat and leave a message if they’re not there- they’ll get back to you if they want to.
  4. Invite them to a professional or academic event- even if they don’t come but they’ll remember you asked.
  5. Send a press cutting that may be of interest to them.
  6. Spot a career opportunity that might suit them and share it with them.
  7. Offer them a theatre, golf, hospitality invitation from work if you can.
  8. Share Internet links with them via LinkedIn and Twitter.
  9. Keep up with your LinkedIn status updates, and comment on theirs- even if you just say ‘nice ‘photo’.
  10. Send them a ‘Good luck’ text, message or note when they’ve something important on.
  11. Share stuff with them with a ‘Saw this and thought of you’ message
  12. Call to ask for their advice when you need it, and sometimes when you don’t.
  13. Send Birthday, Christmas,  Diwali, Hanukah, messages.
  14. Invite them to talk at your university, firm or other event.
  15. Ask them for a recommendation or to be a referee for you.
  16. Invite them to join your network on Linked in.
  17. Invite them to join a discussion group on Linked in.
  18. Meet up with them for a coffee.
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