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5 top technical problems for presenters and how to make sure they never happen to you

mistakes presenters make

I was speaking at a world famous business school the other day, and for the first time in years, I had some technical problems with my laptop (Top of the range MacBook Pro retailing at £2200.00!!).  I’m a professional speaker, very well paid for this gig, and it’s really all my fault when things go wrong.  I’ve either failed to prepare properly or failed to have a ‘back-up plan’ that I can leap into seamlessly.  In this case I was working near the edge of the limits of a) the software, b) the hardware and c) the presenter in that I had great visual with embedded video clips, sound, animations and hyper links.  I’ll tell you what happened at the end, but for now, here’s my own list of the 5 things that I see presenters do, that get them into the kind of ‘danger’ I encountered in the hi-tech lecture hall on campus.

5 most common mistakes travelling presenters make-

  1. The presenter can’t connect his/her laptop to the TV/Projector
  2. The fascinating video files won’t play
  3. The sound doesn’t work
  4. The formatting on the slides has changed
  5. The screensaver comes on four times and is password protected

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