Max Atkinson's blog- bloody brilliant and fanatically detailed

I first read his book, ‘Our masters’ voices‘ when I was 22.  If I’m honest, lots of it was beyond me then.  But like great poetry, that you like the sound of, but don’t really ‘get’,  I persevered, and learned more at each reading; as I matured and gained experience. At 22 years old, I was trying to find some of the core skills of a really effective speaker for myself.

At 46 I’m still trying, and helping my clients to do the same, and Max (I’ve met him once, so forgive my over familiarity) has helped with the kind of detail and insight, that gives me, and the people that I work with, a chance to make small steps towards competence, skill and then flair.

If you want to understand how speeches and speakers can generate a desired reaction in an audience, you really should read this book.  And if you’re too mean to buy a copy, have a look at his brilliant blog.



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