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8 iPad Apps for Public Speakers

ipad apps for public speakers

iThoughts HD – $9.99

iThoughts is a simple mind-mapping app, which looks great. Simple to use, with more flexibility than pencil and paper, you can concentrate completely on brainstorming your presentation ideas. Plus, with it’s image inserting capabilities and flexibility, iThoughts could help you to create simple presentation visuals.

ipad apps for public speakers

Sadun’s Whiteboard – $2.99

Although modern technology gives us the opportunity to do plenty of impressive things with our presentations, sometimes we’d be better off simply using a blackboard or flip-chart. Sadun’s Whiteboard incorporates the best of both worlds, allowing you to draw and write on an iPad connected to a projector or screen.

Your images will only be as good as your drawing skills are, but the text tool makes it quick and easy to type text.

ipad apps for public speakers


OmniGraffle – $49.99

Diagrams, graphs and charts can bring a presentation to life – and now you can create them with no hassle on your iPad. OmniGraffle makes it simple to create good looking graphics, which are easy to edit and savable as pdf documents.

ipad apps for public speakers

Roambi Analytics – Free

The best looking graph creation app I’ve seen. Roambi takes data from pretty much any source , and transforms it into great looking visualisations which are completely interactive. Never before has information looked so good, with so many options you’ll easily find a graph style which suits your data.

ipad apps for public speakers

Layers – $5.99

If you want to create some professional, detailed images for your presentation, Layers is a great app for that. It offers plenty of options to help you to create good looking pictures, and uses layers to help you to get your images just right.ipad apps for presenters

Infonet Presenter – $6.99

Another alternative to presenting traditional slides, Infonet provides you with a hub for sharing all sorts of things with your audience. From one app, you can show images, videos, spreadsheets, pdf documents and more, or look at web pages together. Load files or even web pages to the app, and you can annotate and draw on them freely. Or, simply use a blank tab as a whiteboard; write and draw freely on it, and even copy and paste text.

Again, this kind of app is perfect for the ad-hoc presentation, allowing you to show your audience virtually anything. You can set things up before your presentation, using the tabs provided – but there’s only four tabs, which might not be enough for many people.

ipad apps for public speakers

Prezi – Free

If you’ve been converted to the zooming presentation tool, Prezi’s iPad app allows you to do pretty much everything the desktop tool does. You can edit and view your presentations, and even use it to present with. Though presenting with an iPad might be useful in some situations, it isn’t as practical as it may first seem. The wires required to plug you in to the projector limit your movement, and live to get your legs tangled in their web.

ipad apps for public speakers


SpeakerClock – $0.69

This simple app times how long you’ve been speaking, so that you can make sure you stick to schedule. It’s a basic idea, but in many situations can be eternally helpful as a quick reference point to keep track of time.

You do have to click a button to start the timer, which might get you out of your stride as you begin – but isn’t too much effort. Also be aware of where you place the timer, so it’s easy to see for you but not distracting for your audience. And practice glancing at it rather than spending your whole time watching the clock!

ipad apps for public speakers

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