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Adding a Logo to your Prezi- Should you really?

Adding a logo to your Prezi

Adding a logo to your PreziPrezi has plenty of corporate branding functions – with more abilities being added each week. If you have a Pro Prezi account, you can add your logo to your overall theme, using the theme wizard. This will make your logo constantly visible in the bottom left of the screen when presenting.

It has it’s uses – and certainly ticks the boxes if you you need over the top branding, or a consistent look. But if you’ve already made your presentation, you will have to go back and adjust each frame to make sure there is no ugly overlap. You should also take some time to make sure your theme fonts and colours work with your logo, to give the presentation an overall cohesive look.

Truthfully, in most cases a logo on every frame is likely to get in the way and become boring. It would be much better to make the whole presentation match the logo in design and feel, and display it at the beginning and end. Yes – there is such a thing as too much branding!

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