Can you make stuff fade out in Prezi? Here’s how

prezi_vector_logoFade things into a frame with Prezi

Sometimes it can be handy to have things fade-in onto the screen just like we do in PPT. Follow this link to see how to achieve this in Prezi.  It’s very easy to fade in pictures, videos, other frames (including all of their contents) in a frame…

Fade things out

Officially you can’t fade things out in Prezi.  But you can do a simple work-around if you think of using layers. You just need to be a little creative. Here’s a sample of a short Prezi I made recently where the image fades in (Using the animate inside a frame option); then it seems to fade out again.

It doesn’t really fade out, it’s just that:

  1. I created a flash (.swf) ‘patch’ in the same colour as the background, and the same shape as the object I was covering, and
  2. Inserted the .swf (though any Prezi compatible image type would work) patch into the same frame as the original image I was going to cover.
  3. Then I made sure that the patch was in front (on top) of the image to be covered.
  4. Then I animated the patch to fade in after the original image, and the effect is that it fades in, then fades out, and you can add more content on top of the patch and continue your presentation from there.

It’s a simple way to allow you to use Prezi’s strengths and avoid it’s major weakness – all that vomit-inducing zoomed in panning.


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