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We offer original, challenging and effective training with a practical, pragmatic approach built around the beliefs, skills and behaviour of brilliant ‘people people’. It will increase your self-awareness and develop your skills to allow you to communicate with confidence, charisma and certainty in any situation you face, even the really challenging ones.

Being good at your job isn’t enough today – interpersonal skills are essential to help you achieve all that you want to achieve. In most cases, you could say that , better than the norm people skills are a multiplier of your technical/professional  skills. You have to be able to communicate, influence and even inspire your colleagues and clients, to build and cement relationships and improve your business, whatever it is.Being able to connect instantly with people and win their trust is a vital element to a person’s ability to achieve for themselves and others. Most of us are left to acquire these skills through a life-long process of trial and error. Not anymore.

I’ve spent 25 years helping people in Global and other organisations to sell products, ideas and themselves to the best of their abilities.  I’ve also been building my businesses along the way,  and have had a fantastic opportunity to answer the following question:

What is it that people who are good at making first and lasting impressions do, that others don’t?

Anyone who wants to build their charisma, create a positive impact and a great first impression and put forward their views to colleagues or clients with confidence and conviction.  But particularly –

  • Senior individuals who want to build impact in their speaking, meeting and networking.
  • Graduate trainees who want to make the right impression in business life from the start.
  • Individuals who feel that they want to make more of the networking, presenting and high-profile opportunities they have.

What does the training deliver?

Our courses will be tailored to your needs but we can offer a combination of training, 1-1 coaching and/or online learning modules.  We’ll create the perfect blend for you and your organisation.  After the training you will be able to:

  • Create a positive impressions with strangers, clients and colleagues every time.
  • Feel more in control of your life, career and reputation.
  • Build lasting professional and personal relationships by ‘being yourslef with skill’.
  • Communicate effectively with a wide range of other people.
  • Feel comfortable saying what you want and mean, even in difficult or challegning situations.
  • Assert your views with increased confidence and make an impact on others.
  • Raise your profile and make the most of career and life opportunites available to you.

What we’ll cover

  • Seeing yourself as others see you.
  • Understanding and using the building blocks of charisma.
  • Creating strong first impressions.
  • Presenting ideas with impact and energy.
  • Developing your personal style and behavioural flexibility.
  • Assertiveness, confidence and impact.
  • Making an impact in meetings.
  • Raising your profile.
  • Influencing and persuading.
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations.

Key messages

  • Personal impact requires a subtle blend of interpersonal skill and confidence, and even the most charismatic people have’gaps’ in their ability.
  • Even the most skilled people sometimes fail to make the impact that they want becasue they lack flexibility in their approach to new markets, cultures and ‘people types’
  • Interpersonal skills are easily learned and huge strides in confidence can be achieved with small improvements in skill.
  • Too many people want confidence without understanding or developing the building blocks of interpersonal, presentation, influencing and other skills that they require.
  • Arrogance is confidence without social skill.
  • Build the skills and confidence will follow.

Suggested Course Outline

  • The theory of personal impact – from mystical to methodical.
  • The Charisma Quadrant – our unique approach to developing your impact.
  • Building blocks of charisma – social skill and confidence.
  • Charisma 360 degree feedback – look in the mirror.
  • Action Plan – identify critical gaps.
  • Development activity and information bursts – develop key skills.
  • Charisma testing.

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