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Did the Presentation Summit 2015 do its job?

In a previous post, I asked why I had spent thousands of pounds to attend the Presentation summit 2015 in New Orleans. In this post I answer the question and lead in to a set of posts highlighting the best speakers, most interesting sessions and latest presentation technologies on offer. First the rhetorical question –

Yes, the summit was well worth the investment of time, money and effort. I left inspired, even if the keynote speakers – Guy Kawasaki, Nigel Davies and Carmen Simon – left me a little underwhelmed.

What inspired me? The great collection of unknown experts in PowerPoint and other presentation softwares, the creative talents of independent and employed designers, writers and business people from all over the US, Europe, Australia and India who are working tirelessly to improve the state of the world’s presentations. The rest of my posts on the issue will be about those great creatives and their efforts, and I’ll be sharing their details so you can enjoy them too.

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