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Einstein Had a Foreign Accent – Do You Think He Was Stupid?

Anyone who speaks to international audiences in English faces a particular set of challenges that can affect their confidence, and their competence. Native English speakers are often the worst presenters to international audiences in English because they assume that their English is the only version of English and go from there. This lack of empathy for their audience can make them very difficult to understand, or even to like. And, on the other hand, if English isn’t their first language, the lack of confidence in their own English can affect their ability to share ideas, wisdom and knowledge.

In these two articles, Jim Harvey shares some of his experiences of speaking to international audiences over 25 years and explains that the secrets to being understood require similar changes in approach from both types of speaker.

So You Speak English – What If Your Audience Doesn’t?

How to Make Sure Your Accent Won’t Ruin Your Career


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