You may have good content, your message may be insightful or helpful, but you must deliver it in the right way if you want to give your audience an ‘ah ha!’ moment, get them to talk, Tweet or think about what you said, or at the very least make sure they stay awake and alert while you’re telling them about it.

Flair is the language, images and personality you use to make your subject interesting, persuasive and relevant to the people you’re trying to impress, educate or persuade.

Benefits of Flair

Flair is the sauce that makes a good meal delicious. Because we’re all so used to being bored and patronised that we go into presentations and workshops already half asleep, thinking about the ways we could better be spending our time or looking for ways to make the time pass more quickly.

It’s your job to interest and entertain your audience, no matter what else you’re trying to do (persuade, teach, motivate or instruct). Flair will help you to present your message (which will be, with the help of the rest of the model, extremely relevant and streamlined) in the most compelling, memorable way.

Developing your Flair

Your work on adding Flair to your presentation will boil down to two questions:

  1. What can you do to make your point as clear, logical and simple as possible?  Simple, logical and clear being the first step towards brilliance.
  2. How can you make this clear, simple, logical presentation as memorable as you can? Because that’s the point of communicating, to make an impression, to leave a lasting imprint, to help people to remember what you’ve said.

We speak and write about the FFF model a lot – delve into our archives (below) and stay tuned for updates and you’ll soon be presenting with all three. If you’re really keen to get them right, give us a call to find out about arranging training sessions for your organisation.

Where to go from here

We talk about the Fit, Focus & Flair model a lot on the blog –  you can take a look at the most recent posts here. But here are a few of the best to begin with:


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