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FREE Prezi Template – Circle Sectors

prezi template - circle sectors blue

Happy New Year to everyone! Our January template will get you rolling with your next Prezi. We have chosen a circular graphic to illustrate how you can use circles to their best advantage in Prezi. Circles can be tricky in any presentation, but if you follow these pointers, you can make them work for you.

Circle sectors template blue

  • Avoid using circular frames, as you will lose much of your screen display area. Obviously, you don’t need to avoid circle graphics, but choose a rectangular frame to use inside the circle. Read our post for more detail on circular frames, and why we don’t recommend them.
  • Don’t be afraid of positioning your rectangular frame so it crops some of the circle. We have done this when designing Prezis for clients, and it really works. It can look great, and remind your audience where you are in your presentation.
  • Use the centre of the graphic/circle to emphasise your main point. Everything else revolves around this.


When designing templates, we always have the 3 Act Speech Structure in mind, to help you create a well organised, structured and memorable presentation. As always, you can use them as you want, and again and again.

As always, you will have the assets as separate items to use and re-use as you like – even using all three in your presentation. This gives you lots of flexibility, allowing you to organise the template to suit your content. There are three colourways to choose from.

Prezi template - circle sectors red

Circle sectors template greenI hope you enjoy the templates. We are always interested to hear how you have used them!

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