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FREE Prezi Template – Speech Bubbles

Prezi can be a fantastic tool for organising your ideas and presenting them in a memorable and engaging way. Our July template is a simple, but effective, graphic to help you to do just that! The template works well, whether you are running a meeting, or delivering a more formal presentation. Using an image of people and speech bubbles, gives an immediate sense of conversation and interactivity, which fits well with the Prezi format and features.

Speech bubbles layoutAs always, organise your content into relevant sections, keeping text to a minimum. For support on structuring your presentation, you can read our blog post How to Structure a Speech.

Once you have your content, you can be flexible with the areas you use within the template. Content can sit in the five speech bubbles – acting as five mini-presentations. Zoom in to each section in turn, moving around the content and zooming back out to the big picture in between. Adding names, or content to the people can personalise your presentation and add interest.

Tip: Experiment with start and finish points for different emphasis. Start zoomed out to show your plan of action, or zoomed in and move out to reveal what’s going to happen next.

We design our Prezi Templates with flexibility as a priority, and as always, you can use them as you want, and again and again.

I hope you enjoy the template, along with our others. We are always interested to hear how you have used them!

Download your Prezi Templates Here

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