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FREE Prezi Template – World Connections

July16 with text copyAfter reviewing our free template download numbers we have identified your top 5 most popular Prezi templates. To give you what we know you like, over the next few months we will be re-visiting them, and creating a variation. For July, we have used our Global template for inspiration and designed World Connections.

As always, we recommend breaking your content into sections/groups, which you can visit individually in your Prezi. Zooming back out to the big picture in between sections will help the audience follow your overall message. Although the template is quite self-explanatory, here are some suggestions for using particular areas:

  • Start zoomed in with your title and zoom out to reveal the map
  • Start zoomed out and zoom in to the sections
  • Use the large, coloured circles to introduce each section and visit the smaller, same colour circle for extra detail – this emphasises the relationships in content
  • Use the lines to show links in your content, or progression through your presentation
  • The icons represent various ways of connecting reinforcing the theme

Remember – Prezi also has a great choice of free icons and shapes, to personalise your presentation, and as ever – to keep it as uncluttered as you can.

For some more great advice and support on presenting, visit Presentation Guru. The article Less is More will help you create a clear, concise and memorable presentation.

I hope you enjoy this template, along with our others. We are always interested to hear how you have used them!

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