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FREE Prezi Template – Testimonials

Testimonials layout

When it’s boiled down, presenting is simply communicating a message. We have used communication as the core concept for our March Prezi template, which we designed to help you share your message clearly and effectively.

As you can see from the image, it has people, a selection of technology and speech bubbles. All of these areas are suitable for adding content, and give you the freedom to choose how your message would sit best.

A good way to organise your presentation content, is to create sections, group relevant information into those sections and use the template structure to reinforce them. For example, a section could be the pink speech bubble, the nearest person and the envelope.

Tip: By zooming to that area and moving/panning to the various assets, your audience understands the relationship between the content parts. Doing this, and zooming back out to the ‘Big Picture’ in between sections, will help your audience follow and remember your message.

This template would really work to pass on feedback. This could be feedback or updates from clients, a working group, results or reports.

When designing templates, we always have the 3 Act Speech Structure in mind, to help you create a well organised, structured and memorable presentation. As always, you can use them as you want, and over and over again.

I hope you enjoy this template, along with our others. We are always interested to hear how you have used them!

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