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Garr Reynolds on Stories, Videos and Keynote

On Tuesday evening, I experienced two firsts: I went to the Apple store on Oxford Road (enormous, trendy and grand), and I saw the brilliant Garr Reynolds speak.

If you’re not familiar, Garr is the author of the ‘Presentation Zen’ books – a must read for anyone who ever makes slides, writes speeches, or presents to others.

I’m a huge fan of Garr’s work and presenting style, and really enjoyed his talk. I’ve managed to find a similar presentation he gave to Tedx Kyoto earlier this year which I’ve put below, so I won’t spoil it because it’s well worth the watch.

As you’re watching, try to notice the following aspects:

  • He creates a dialogue with the audience – not easy with such a big crowd.
  • All of Garr’s images have a similar feel to them, even though the style isn’t necessarily consistent. He told us on Tuesday that he does this by creating a transparent filter, which he places on top of each image.
  • Garr uses personal stories to make his points, and make a connection with the audience.
  • Garr’s right, videos are even more engaging and appealing than images – notice how he uses silent videos in the background to add context. A brave move, but he pulls it off.

Hannah Jones
Hannah has spent the last few months getting to know PowerPoint and Prezi, and sharpening her design skills. Hannah shares presentation design and delivery advice as she learns it, and can often be found sharing the articles which have helped her on Twitter @impacttips.
Hannah Jones
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