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Steve Jobs- more furious than passionate. So what?

Steve Jobs, more furious than passionate

In my last post I talked about the pointlessness of passion.  And here are a few speakers who were brilliant with no discernible passion… Because it’s my opinion (and only an opinion) that-

If you look at the most often mentioned ‘great speakers’ you’ll sometimes find passion, but more often you’ll find other things that are more important.

Winston Churchill, 1939-41- Doggedness, simplicity and a very clear message.

Barack Obama, pre-election victory- Energy, telling phrases and a wave of optimism to ride on.

Martin Luther King Jr.,- Rhythm, metaphor and repetition.

Steve Jobs- Simplicity, confidence, cynicism, ruthless sales focus and a clear point.

But Passionate?  Really?

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Jim Harvey

Jim Harvey

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Jim Harvey


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