Connecting with the audience

If you’re serious about improving your presentation skills here’s 5 things we have to tell you

You’re presentation coach will probably never tell you this but if you’re serious about improving your presentation skills, it has to be said:


  1. The words are crap so it doesn’t matter how polished you are as a speaker- If Jonny Depp couldn’t save the film ‘The Tourist’ you’re not going to save the sales pitch.
  2. Your visuals are a confusing collection of abstract nouns picked up and thrown at the screen. But they’re still more interesting and engaging than you.
  3.  I lost interest as soon as you said ‘Zeitgeist’.
  4. I’ve seen more sincerity in TV preachers than I heard from you today- but at least they pretend to believe in something.
  5. Diffident is NOT a compliment.
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