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New Microsoft tablet- Surface- freezes at unveiling- a lesson in how to give professional presentations even when it all goes wrong

MICROSOFT boss Steve Sinofsky puts on a brave face as his company’s rival to  the iPad FREEZES at the opening presentation. Here’s the video-


The papers, not surprisingly, reported it as negatively as they could-

Just after the Microsoft president explained how users could “browse  smoothly” on the tablet, the system, which was being projected on a  large screen, stopped working. Sinofsky bravely tried to continue with his speech — but eventually had to admit defeat and run backstage to grab a working model.

I don’t rejoice at this, because it’s happened to me, and I’m sure that it’s happened to you. You have an amazing new product, you’re proud of it and you know that the demonstration will wow the audience too. You’ve prepared rigorously, thought about all eventualities and are ready to go.  You’ve chosen the features that you want to prove ‘live’, based on your research of the target customer’s dissatisfaction with the market leader, and their wants, needs and uses for the product.  All you’ve got to do now is do it.

Shit happens and I think that Mr S did pretty well, with one element to work on.  You could see and hear his rising panic as he realised early on that the thing had frozen.  He tried to pretend that all was OK but we all knew there was something wrong because his attention went from us to it, and his ability to think, talk and control his non-verbal signals disappeared.  He was as frozen as the machine he was trying to demonstrate.  You could almost see the hourglass symbol in his eyes.

The lesson- stay calm, breathe, WALK to the side of the stage, say nothing, pick up the fully working second model, walk back to the centre of the stage, and have a great line prepared in advance, smile, say the line, take the laugh and the applause and carry on demonstrating your brilliant product.

That’s about rehearsal too.


New Microsoft tablet freezes at unveiling | The Sun |News.

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