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New Podcast Episode – why are most presentations in business life so bad?

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In this podcast Jim asks why so many presentations that we see in the business world are so bad, and what can be done about it?  He looks at a recent survey that asked senior managers in the UK’s most successful businesses for their views on presentations and analyses why they might be so negative about the talks they see.

Then he goes on to suggest simple ways that we can all take some responsibility to help improve presentations that we attend, commission, or create. Because if no-one, and that includes the most important board-level whingers at the world’s biggest businesses, takes responsibility for anything, all will remain the same, and the ‘strategy briefing’, ’employee update’, or ‘town hall’ will remain as popular as a trip to the dentist.

Jim is the Managing Director of ‘The Message Business’, a UK based marketing, training and creative business. Over the last 25 years, we’ve helped the likes of Ford, Porsche, JP Morgan, State Street, JC Decaux, Mercer, Mitsubishi and many other brilliant businesses sell their ideas, their products and their services all over the world.  Learn our simple approach to pitching, storytelling and public speaking, and see how much of our thinking has been adopted and used by the very best speakers, whenever they want to change the world.

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