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Patsy Rodenburg’s Three Circles of Energy

As presenters, we can learn a lot from actors who stand up to speak to hundreds of people each night. Patsy Rodenburg is a famous acting coach, and her idea of us having ‘three circles of energy’ describes how we use all have and use different ‘energy’, which in turn affects our actions and voice and ability to connect with people in different situations in life. For actors, she suggests that the ‘best’ energy we can display when on stage is often found in ‘the second circle’ –

Watch the video, and learn that to connect with your audience, focus on them, and be natural and open, we need to have our energy in the right place.  That then affects everything else.

Hannah Jones
Hannah has spent the last few months getting to know PowerPoint and Prezi, and sharpening her design skills. Hannah shares presentation design and delivery advice as she learns it, and can often be found sharing the articles which have helped her on Twitter @impacttips.
Hannah Jones
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