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Presenting to a divided audience- lessons from Mr President

It happens a lot doesn’t it? We have a proposal to present to a group of clients, and we know that the clients don’t agree on how to proceed, but we have a plan and we have to present it.

Our success depends on our ability to find favour with all of the influential interest groups, and help them to find a way ahead that offers an opportunity to come together, rather than fall apart.  It’s a political speech then, isn’t it? So here’s a politician’s approach to the problem.

Yes it’s Obama, but it’s not about his speaking skill for once, it’s about his text, and his speech strategy. It’s from a well written blog by Jack Shafer in the US, and it still makes a great point out of how, the now, President Obama, on the campaign trail back in 2008, was able to ‘bridge the gap’ between interest groups- in this case black and white voters- How Obama does that thing he does. – By Jack Shafer – Slate Magazine.

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