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Prezi Design with Google Maps in mind!

Design your Prezi with Google Maps in Mind

Just as with a Google Map, your Prezi needs to get you and your audience from one point to another.

A map has a big picture of the area you are interested in and also smaller, but relevant, details which focus on the specific area you want to use. It has the right amount of detail for you to follow the route to reach your destination. That’s why it’s a great example to use when designing your Prezi. It has detail, not distractions!

Imagine if the map you were using took you off at tangents, telling you about interesting shops and who works there, how many and what type trees are next to the road you were travelling and what colour the front doors are on all the houses you would pass! These kinds of details would be irrelevant to you in reaching your destination and would actually get in the way of you reaching it successfully. The road numbers, junctions and direction of travel would be much more useful.

Imagine too, if you only ever got to see a small part of your route with very little detail. It would be really hard to know if you were on the right track in the first place and wouldn’t help you to return to it if you lost your way.

So, not enough information and you and your audience won’t reach your planned destination. Too much and everyone will become confused, distracted and lost!

Prezi design

At the Prezi design stage you need to create a clear path to your goal. Your Prezi needs enough detail, presented in an interesting way, to make your message easy to follow and memorable.

Imagine that your overall message is the big map view. You can then zoom to helpful and related details along the way, giving regular views of the big picture to remind your audience where they are and how it is relevant.

Strip back the content of your Prezi to the bare bones and ask yourself:

  • What is my message?
  • What would really help the audience understand it?
  • How can I make it more memorable?

The map idea is relevant for any presentation you are working on, but particularly for Prezi where the temptation is to put in too much content and zoom and pan to it all. To be successful in your Prezi design, remember the map, and you will find your presentation is more focussed, memorable and effective.

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