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Prezi is the most dynamic, fastest growing presentation software around, and it can help you to make that lasting impression over the PowerPoint clones – but only if you know how to use it. 


Do you have an important presentation to deliver?

Do you want to make that presentation grab attention, make a big impact, and get remembered…?

As a first step, why not read our fantastic eBook.  It’ll get you inspired and help you create your first effective Prezi presentation.

Prezi is a fast-changing, ever-updating piece of software. Most of the other Prezi books on the shelves are out of date the moment they’re published.

Ours is an eBook, and we update it every week. It’s never out of date and it’s written by people who train people to use Prezi and use it themselves.

When we update Prezi for Professionals, we will update you.

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The eBook will teach you:

  • What Prezi is and why it is different – understanding the Prezi canvas and how to use it well
  • What makes a good Prezi
  • How to use the tool – a practical guide at Basic and Advanced levels
  • How to use Prezi with skill – learn the Prezi principles that will make your Prezi great
  • The best ways to use Prezi’s big picture to make a great first impression
  • An understanding of the visual structure and layout of a great Prezi
  • Using “big picture” layouts for high impact and simple structuring
  • How the Prezi canvas should change the way you approach designing, planning, and presenting
  • How to present your Prezi – including sections on the new Prezi iPad and iPhone apps


Here’s what two of our delighted readers think:

“It’s a really useful resource. Hundreds of great tips about designing and giving Prezi presentations, and lots of great links to examples, resources and other blogs and websites for help and inspiration.  Thanks guys.” John Pawlenko, CEO, Alliance Projects, Barcelona.

“Readable, interesting, and useful” – Ian Brodie

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About us

We’ve been writing, designing, and delivering presentations for over twenty years. Our clients come to us when they have a pitch they’ve got to nail, an important message to communicate, or want to create something truly special to sell themselves or their products.

We’ve been using Prezi since it was first released, and have watched it grow from a stuttering, awkward teenager with big ideas, into a cool, sophisticated adult with almost unlimited potential.

So we know what makes a good speech, how to design and deliver presentation visuals for high impact, and what makes an audience remember you. We also know how to use Prezi to do all of these things better. And that’s what this eBook is about – crafting a great story, and creating intriguing visuals to explain, compliment and supplement your verbal message, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t miss out – get your free ebook now!


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