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Never present the catalogue- Product presentations and catalogues are not the same thing

Jan Schultink makes a valuable point very simply when he shows us how to make an endless listing of our products into a relevant, logical introduction for our customers’ benefit.

In short, put the poor customer first in your thinking. Give them some background to help them understand you and your products, then ‘share’ a few that you think might be interesting to the human beings in the room.  Don’t just start presenting your catalogue. Please.  It’s excruciating for all and self-harming for the seller.

Presentation design blog Idea Transplant: Product presentations and product catalogues are not the same thing.

I’ll make it required reading for my technical sales clients from here on in. Thanks Jan, great looking blog too, as you’d expect.

This is a part of my Fit, Focus & Flair model. To be great, a presentation must be a perfect FIT for the situation; the content must have complete FOCUS on it’s purpose and message; and it must have enough FLAIR to stand out on the day, and in our memories. Learn more about developing your Fit, Focus and Flair.

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