Professional networking- Where should we take our clients to lunch?

It’s a continuing dilemma isn’t it? Where should we take our clients for lunch? The short answer is, of course, somewhere-

  1. They’ll enjoy- feel relaxed, honoured and ‘at home’.
  2. Won’t get them fired- so nowhere too expensive, or un-pc.
  3. Doesn’t make you look desperate to impress- Definitely never ‘The Ivy’ then.

Here’s a really interesting piece by style guru,Peter York, in the Sunday Independent from the UK.  A little background and some subtle insight into why you might and might not benefit from joining a private member’s club as a place to host meetings lunches and dinners.

Peter York: The secret and changing life of the private members’ club – Commentators, Opinion – The Independent.

I’ve often thought, and occasionally been taken to, private member’s clubs in London.  They seem to offer great convenience and the chance to impress, but I’m still unsure.  I used to belong to the Institute of Directors until I realised that it put me firmly in ‘Group 3’ so I resigned and saved myself a fortune in the process.

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