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Should presenters use laser pointers? – Explained

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In a previous post, I asked the question; ‘Should a presenter ever use a laser pointer?’ The answer’s ‘no’, and the reasons are simple. The audience doesn’t need you to be flashing a potentially harmful shaft of intense, coloured light, over their heads and shakily swishing it round a complex and (usually) spectacularly unhelpful visual aid. Even cats find them irritating and the RSPCA has outlawed teasing our feline friends with them as they can cause seizures.

Understand that laser pointers are pointless. Even in the largest of rooms, simply showing a picture and telling the audience where to look is better. Or  if you can’t get that connected with your visuals, highlight the thing that you want them to look at, with a circle, a line or an arrow, and they will look there without help.

If anyone can show me a video of a laser pointer helping a presenter to make a point then I’d happily admit I am wrong.

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