Business Presenters – Size does matter!

In earlier posts, we talked about the important role of the visual elements of your presentation, how to use images for designing effective PowerPoint slides, and using the right visual elements and charts to present your information. Basically, common mistakes with your visuals make it hard for your audience to listen to you.  In the end, we have found that simple visuals, used well are better than presentations without any visual element. The only rule is-

”The audience prefers pictures, so long as they can see them and they support the story…”

For data slides, which tend to be particularly important to the evidence part of presentations, and for bullet charts and all of the others just remember that size does matter.

Whichever font you choose, remember the person at the back of the room. Anything less than 24 points in size is going to be quite difficult to read.

And that difficulty will mean that they feel distanced from a really important part of your speech. In this example the top line is 60 point size, the bottom is 12.


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