Presentation Structure

Speech Structure – The Strategy Recommendation Presentation

Speech Structure - The Strategy Recommendation Presentation


Speech Structure - The Strategy Recommendation PresentationFirst read How to Structure a Speech or Presentation for an understanding of how to approach your speech or presentation structure.

Introduction – Define the objective

Your introduction is a quick-fire journey through the three acts to follow. There’s no need for detail, you just need to explain what you’re going to talk about.

Sentence 1: explain why you’re looking at new strategies

Sentence 2: summarise the strategy you’re recommending

Sentence 3: explain what you hope to achieve with this strategy. Concentrate on two or three benefits which you know your audience care about. This is your hook.

Act 1 – Describe the current conditions

Your audience might not agree that you even need a strategy – let alone that yours is the right one to follow. So use your first act to point out the challenges, opportunities and issues that led you to develop your strategy. Identify the problems you intend to solve and the success that this will bring.

The bridge into Act 2 – describe the consequences of doing nothing.

Act 2 – Describe the desired state

Now that you’ve painted your ‘big picture’, point out how much better things could be. Describe how these problems could be resolved and what implications that would have across the business. Your aim here is to get the audience excited, desperate to know exactly what you’re going to do to create all of these fantastic outcomes.

Act 3 – List the possible strategies, with pros and cons of each

Give the audience the options, with a focus on the effects and repercussions of each. Be clear about listing the pros and cons of each, by using signposts – “This option has two pros…”.

Conclusion – Identify the best one, describe next steps

Refer back to the pros and cons you described to draw conclusions about which is the best option. Then talk about how that option would improve the current conditions mentioned in Act 1, to reach the desired state in Act 2. If you do this right, you can really sell your idea.

Finish your presentation talking about actions – what needs to happen for this strategy to be implemented? What do you want your audience to do now?


If you want to present this as a Prezi, why not use our template?


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