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Stand up Comedy – Can It Really Be That Difficult?

If stand-up comedy is just another kind of public speaking then how hard can it really be for a seasoned speaker?

Last year Jim set out to find out and soon learned the importance of discovering your comedy persona – and it doesn’t even need to be a fictional one. Just knowing what/who it is is essential.

What can the business communicator learn from this? Well it turns out that self-awareness is an essential trait for a great speaker too. Understanding that and becoming more flexible as a speaker will allow you to become ever more confident whilst ‘on stage’.

In this article Jim explains how to identify your persona and then use it: Taking It to the Next Level: Stand up Comedy – How Hard Can It Be?

Rosie Hoyland
Rosie is a writer and content creator and has worked for many years as a print and digital designer for The Message Business. When she’s not creating fantastic resources for our trainers and clients, she shares her presentation design wisdom here on the blog and over at Presentation Guru.
Rosie Hoyland
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