Trainer Training

You’ve got the CIPD certificate in training practice, you’ve got some great experience, now you want some seasoned, thought provoking advice from someone who has spent 20 years selling training and development solutions to the likes of Ford, Vodafone, Capita, Electrolux, JPMorgan, RBS, Accenture and the like. How would you like to be able to-

  • involve your clients in the design and evaluation process?
  • develop memorable and effective learning experiences?
  • make sure Kirkpatrick, and the client’s CFO die happy men?
  • charge 50% more for the work that you do and keep those clients for 10 years at a time?

”When I discover the secret I will be bottling it and making a fortune! I could have, if I was following the ‘Less is More’ approach, used just two words to describe the feeling you left me with at the end of the course.  Role Model.” Trainer RSA Insurance

”Thank you. You’re amazing. Wonderful. Motivating. Engaging. Role modelling. You have inspired me to be better…” Consultant RSA Insurance