What can presenters learn from Julien Blanc?

He’s the guy who’s a self-called ‘pick-up artist’.  Selling his services as a speaker, all across the world, to men who want to learn how to become a PUA themselves.  He’s in a whole heap of trouble after a woman (Jenn Li) objected to his methods, his language and his appallingly sexist and racist video clips that could then be found all over the web. She did more than just object, she set up a global, online petition to have him stopped. She’s been pretty successful too.  He’s been hounded out of Australia and stopped from earning money.  Quite right too.

My job though is to help professional people learn from my, our and other people’s mistakes, and this is just too good an opportunity to miss.  So what can we learn from Julien Blanc and his experience as presenters ourselves? And as a discussion starter, here’s just a sample of his crappy shtick from Jenn Li’s post so I won’t be accused of propagating, and/or promoting his material.

3 key lessons for presenters to learn from Julien Blanc.


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