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Presentation Design Tip: Fonts

Here’s the point, right up front-

Choose your font carefully.

On your presentation slides, as with your business card or logo, your audience will take a quick glance and begin to make  judgements. Choosing a font which reflects your tone and personality, and is easy to read, will get you off to the right start.

Which font should I use for my presentation?

You don’t need to know much about fonts to make the right choices, but here’s a few thoughts to help-

  • Understand the difference between Serif and Sans Serif fonts.  A Serif is the little detail at the end of the letter which in theory makes it look more like handwriting with letter joins.  Sans Serif fonts don’t have these details.
  • Serif fonts are good for long pieces of text and at smaller font sizes as the serif leads the eye across the page.   As a general rule Serifs are more difficult to view on a screen because of the low resolution.  A Sans Serif font, being simpler and with a more clinical appearance, enlarges well and stands out clearly when projected.
  • Most of all, it needs to be easy to read (in style AND size).

Believe it or not, in this example both lines are written in the same font size (40).

Choose the right font for your presentation




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