2011 Keynote Speeches

This year’s keynotes have included-

  • Personal impact– how to stand out from the crowd without resorting to a funny hat.
  • Networking for the future– you, Linked in, Google+ and Facebook.
  • Personal and professional presentation skills for Generation Y– lessons from Shakespeare.
  • Develop your charisma– learn from from cats, dogs and teenagers.
  • Networking tips for women with men, and men with women– We’re not the same.
  • Networking & Business Development for Professionals– Build social skills, network with confidence
  • Starting conversations with strangers on trains- the best preparation for selling professional services
  • Networking with people with grey hair– for people with acne.

Our recent clients have included International Investment Banks, FTSE 100 Companies, Global charities, Government Departments and small, medium and huge enterprises in UK, China, USA, and Europe .

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