Useful resources

Here’s all the inspirational stuff on here-

Here’s my personal top-10 presentation and speechwriting blogs…

1. Olivia Mitchell – Taking about presenting
2. M62 – Great presentation resources
3. Communispond – Regular hints and tips
4. Beyond Bullet Points Blog – The seminal text on corporate style presentations
5. Presentation Zen – Nancy Duarte’s blog and great ideas on visual support for the spoken word
6. Speechwriter’s Guild UK – Come along, network, learn about the power of great words
7. Max Atkinson – For detail and precision when it comes to understanding great skill
8. Kate Peters – For lots of interesting stuff about the voice and using it well
9. Patsy Rodenburg – More great insight on presence, charisma and the voice
10. 6 Minutes – Public speaking blogs- Lots and lots of stuff to choose from

* On other stuff that you might like and find useful…

Great speeches – The Guardian newspaper
Great speakers – TED website
Funny – link to follow
Moving – link to follow
Poetry – YouTube clip
Energy – link to follow
Truthfulness – link to follow
Singing – link to follow
Drama – link to follow
Embarrassing – link to follow

On consulting:

* Here are 9 books that every consultant should read:

How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie
A real must read for those new to business development

The Trusted Advisor
Not every client wants one, but it’s a great book for all consultants who want long-term business

How to argue and win every time – Gerry Spence
He’s barking but brilliantly readable and it’ll help you get more flexible in building persuasive arguments

High Income Consulting – Tom Lambert
Another must read for the self-employed, newly set-up, never written a proposal in my life before, type of business

SPIN Selling or Question Based Selling
They’re very similar in form with a different language but really good on building a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and building their commitment to a solution with you

Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet – William Shakespeare
Just because it’s great to be reminded about the consequences of power without self-knowledge and influence without principle- a masterclass in office politics

Question Based Selling
So good it’s worth mentioning twice (see above)

Mercedes Benz & Chrysler
A masterly overview of how Mercedes bought Chrysler in 1997 and lost 50 Billion dollars over the next 10 years. How could it happen? How could Mercedes lose so much money and still be in business? Who’s fault? All here.

Too Big to Fail
A great profile of the Wall St meltdown in 2008/9 and an insider’s view on the skill, drive, vanity and greed that combined to bring down a Bank that was deemed TBTF by it’s leaders

Great consulting resources:

Lots of great speeches, thought provoking, inspiring, occasionally dull and US-centric

Consulting hints & tips
The American Institute of Consultants. Practical tips for free

Oundle Underpants
Just ’cause it’s funny and you need some English wit in your life

Pitching for business hints & tips
Wacky off beat stuff for all business pitchers – a must read

Ian Brodie’s Blog
Great hints and tips from a master user of the web to promote his business

Ed Reid’s Blog

Wit and wisdom in equal measure from a brilliant UK consultant