Presentation and Communication Skills Training

You’re a professional with important messages to give to all of your stakeholders.  Our job is to help you communicate those messages in ways that are clear, simple and memorable.  We can help you to give better presentations than you ever thought you could- however well you present today. It’s our passion.  We’re a group of speechwriters, trainers, designers and sales people working together, developing original, no nonsense answers to problems that real people in the real world face when they have to “sing for their supper”. Our presentation and communication skills suite of courses includes –

  • Introduction to Presentation – Learn the basics of preparing and delivering effective presentations.
  • Advanced Presentation Skills – Develop your skills to help you work with more challenging subjects and diverse groups.
  • Presentation Master Classes – Hone your skills to allow you to work with any group in any situation that you encounter.
  • Consulting & Presentation Design– Let us help you communicate your important messages simply, clearly and with great confidence. Speechwriting, design, staging and coaching.
  • Interpersonal Skills 1 – Learn the basics of communicating assertively, dealing with difficult people and situations and saying what you mean in a way that will get you heard.
  • Interpersonal skills 2 – Learn some advanced techniques of persuasion, influencing and inspiring even the most challenging groups and individuals.
  • Negotiation Skills – Develop the communication skills of the expert and calm negotiator for commercial and interpersonal bargaining.

We’ve worked all over the world with Companies like, Shell, Ford, Capita, EDF, Dunhill, Electrolux, The Environment Agency, Vodafone and many others.  We allow people to make the most of their experience in their field. We won’t tell you how to do your job; we just make sure that we do ours.

If you’ve got an important message to get out there – we can help you to deliver.

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