Stand up stand out

This blog is for experienced speakers who want to develop that extra edge and impact when they stand up to speak.  You might be a salesperson who wants to get better at making killer pitches, a business leader who wants to move from informing to inspiring your people; you may be a nauturally good speaker with certain audiences who wants to become more charismatic, flexible and resilient in front of every audience you meet.

Whatever your current level of skill, there’s lots of original thinking here, I hope, which represents my take on Presentation Skills, Personal Impact and Business Networking, three core skills to master if you want to stand out from the crowd. Because when you’re there, in front of your audience, you can blow away the corporate, the famous, the strong, simply by making a stronger impression in the room. This blog is designed as a resource for you, whether you’ve been on one of my courses, heard me speak or are just ‘passing by’.
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