Steve Jobs- One definition of charisma- we’ve all got it, we just don’t all know it.

In a previous post- here– I shared a definition of charisma that I found really useful in getting my clients to understand that they are naturally charismatic and generally trained out of it. Here’s the definition. Charisma is-

“the ability to transfer an emotion that the speaker has to his audience.” 

Simple isn’t it?  And useful too.  Useful because we can learn to do it consciously and deliberately.  We can simply choose to be charismatic.  And that’s what charismatic people do isn’t it?  They choose to share their joy, frustration, amazement, pride and pain with the people that they’re talking to, and because they don’t hide the emotion, it changes the way that people in the room feel right there.

Here’s a really interesting blogpost from Mac Blorge about Steve Jobs- The definition of charisma – MAC.BLORGE.
I look at Mr Jobs’ approach differently to him. I see the deliberate charisma in Steve Jobs aged 30 as an attempt to communicate pride, confidence and drive.  That’s what he was looking to share with the man he was seeking to recruit to lead Apple.  The man who would eventually fire him from the company he started. Great video too.




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