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10 things to get you more personal impact- Part 2

In earlier posts we’ve looked at what we can do mentally to be ready to have impact when we meet people, we look at physically preparing, and in later posts we’ll look at what we can do in conversation and after meeting someone, to maintain the impact we’ve created.

In your physical presence

  • Take the lead, and shake hands, when you meet people.  This simple act takes all of their tension about ‘do I or don’t I’ away.
  • Say something sincere while doing so. ‘Lovely to meet you’ is so much warmer than ‘hello’.
  • Keep an open body posture, and don’t get too close to the other person, or stand too far away- a handshake’s distance is perfect.
  • Stand taller and a little more ‘planted’ than your natural ‘slouch’ because it makes you look and feel more confident.
  • Smile, keep smiling and show people that you’re listening and enjoying being there.
  • Do all the active listening ‘stuff’ like nodding, stroking and double-clicking.

The art of being a good conversationalist is in asking questions and listening, not talking.  Enjoy the feeling of being able to ‘talk to anyone’, by listening and encouraging the other

Listening was a skill that came easily to Roger

to talk.

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