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10 things to build your personal impact- Part 1

In earlier posts we said that personal impact, simply, is about getting people to like you.  We then promised you some simple tips to help you make a great impression when you meet people for the first time.  Here’s the mindset that we think you can ‘switch’ on, based upon our research with great people people-

In your head,

  • Assume that every person you meet is important, and treat him or her as such. Why wouldn’t you?
  • Remember that angry and unhelpful people are that way for a reason. They’re not bad people.  How would you feel if your partner had left you, or your mother had just been diagnosed with a terrible disease? Be ultra nice and move on.
  • Remember that all people have strengths and skills that you don’t have, and notice and acknowledge other people’s strengths and accomplishments in conversation and in your attitude.

See the other posts on what we can do physically, in conversation and after meeting someone, to maintain the first impression we’ve created. remember that you can subscribe here for regular email updates so you don’t even have to think about building your skills, it’ll just come to you.

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