10 things to make a great first impression

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In a previous post here I talked about the importance of making great first impressions when you’re the ‘newbie’ at work.  It’s a hard time for every new starter, and a bit of skill here will stand you in good stead.  It’s something most of us have had to develop in our lives at work. Here’s my simple list of 10 things you can do to make that great impression-

  1. Ask someone to introduce you to all the people in the office- or two people if it’s a big office with lots of people.
  2. Have a simple, short opening conversation planned for the people that you meet- How are you? How long have you worked here? Can I come back and talk to you about what you do?
  3. Remember to shake hands (take the initiative here as it pouts other people at their ease if you initiate the handshake), smile, stroke and double-click as you’re having the conversation to leave an impression that they matter and you care.
  4. Whenever you see someone you don’t know about the office, introduce yourself to them and follow thoughts 2 & 3.
  5. Remember people’s names (write them down, get their card, ask someone else to help you remember, but it shows you’re interested, and 95% of people won’t remember, so it’ll really help you stand out.)
  6. Make a point of saying good morning, and good night to everyone you pass on your way in and out of the office. Even the cleaners, because it’s the courteous thing to do.
  7. Ask your new colleagues how you can help them in your role, and to help you do the rights things in your first weeks at work.
  8. Go to lunch with and and sit with your new colleagues and just listen to their banter. Or ask them what they do for lunch and wait to be invited along, then do the same.
  9. Join in with the social activities (cakes, drinks, cards, sponsor forms) as they happen and decide what to focus on when you’re ‘in’ the crowd.
  10. Take responsibility to be as pleasant as you can be to everybody to make sure you control the impressions that they have of you.

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Jim Harvey

Jim Harvey

Managing Director at The Message Business
Jim is the MD of The Message Business, a company which helps FTSE 100 companies to sell themselves, and their products better. Speech writer, Prezi trainer and designer, coach and consultant, Jim also finds time to be a proud father and husband.
Jim Harvey
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