Delivering your presentation

10 things to help you set up well

1. Call the venue to specify how you’d like the room set up well before the event, confirm in writing after the discussion and expect that it won’t be done when you get there.

2. Arrange to show up early on the day to check out the room set-up and that all of the equipment works.

3. Be cautious in your presentation preparation and avoid complex video clips, animation, sound effects and web links, that might not work so well on the day with strange projectors, sound systems and weak web connections.

4. Remember the adage ‘if it can go wrong, it will go wrong…’ and make plans to deal with it.

5. Remove clutter & stuff from the room, like tables & chairs that won’t be used, that get between you and the audience.

6. Bring a pointer (laser or a stick) and a remote control mouse so that you can move away from the computer during your presentation.

7. Whatever computer you use, use a power cord and turn off power management, screensaver, e-mail and other pop-up applications that might interrupt your talk.

8. Use a template that works whatever the lighting conditions in the room or on the day. White text on a black background will never fail… Though it might not be your organization’s ‘official’ template.

9. When you’re set up, sit in key audience member’s seats to check you can see the visuals and read the text on the slides.

10. Keep some room lights on. The audience usually wants to see the speaker and it’s great for the speaker to be able to see all of the audience too.

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