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Networking- 18 things to help you keep in touch

In a previous post I talked about the tools you can use to help you stay in touch with people you meet in work and life.  In  this post we’ll explore what can you share using these tools? It’s a dilemma for even experienced networkers. The common questions that I get asked are-

  • What should I do? Answer- Keep in touch once in a while with all of your contacts.
  • How often should I do it? Answer- How about once a week updates on LinkedIn that will go to all your contacts, more fefrequently with twitter, and less frequently than tahat for contacts outside of your immediate clients, prospects, friends and colleagues.
  • What does it mean if they don’t reply?- Answer- Not much.  They’re as busy as you.  They’ll respond as and when they want to. If they seldom or never reply, drop the frequency and improve the quality and relevance of your messages to them.
  • What do I actually do/say/share to keep in touch? – Answer- How about some or all of the following things… See the full list here.
Jim Harvey

Jim Harvey

Managing Director at The Message Business
Jim is the MD of The Message Business, a company which helps FTSE 100 companies to sell themselves, and their products better. Speech writer, Prezi trainer and designer, coach and consultant, Jim also finds time to be a proud father and husband.
Jim Harvey
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