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Speech Structure – The Justification of a Decision Presentation


Speech Structure - The Justification of a Decision PresentationFirst read How to Structure a Speech or Presentation for an understanding of how to approach your speech or presentation structure.

Introduction – Frame the situation

Summarize the dilemma, and significance of the choice. Hook your audience by explaining why the decision matters – i.e. explore some of the potential repercussions.

Act 1 – Describe the criteria for success and prioritize them

This is where you set the scene, by discussing what outcomes would be best for the business and why. Prioritise the outcomes you discuss so that everyone knows what to look for in Act 2. The most persuasive presentations are those where the audience is helped to make the decision for themselves.

Act 2 – Describe alternatives and options

Explore the different options and how they would work, then discuss their pros and cons and possible repercussions.

Act 3 – Compare options to criteria and eliminate those that don’t meet criteria

Use logic to bring the room to a common agreement upon the choice you’ve made by using the success criteria as the tool for eliminating options. Identify which options don’t meet the criteria and eliminate them, then show which options are left.

If there are a few remaining alternatives, it may be worth recapping their pros and cons, to set up your selection.

Conclusion – Recommend best remaining alternative

Endorse the choice using the success criteria you outlined in Act 1. Finish your presentation with a strong message about the suitability of this choice (because it’s going to achieve the things you prioritised in the beginning), and any call to action you need to get the decision implemented.


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