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9 Best Presentation Blog Posts of 2012

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As 2013 dawns, we’ll all soon be caught up in the challenges and achievements of the coming year. For us here at, today is an opportunity to look back at what’s been, and savour the best of 2012. Below are the 9 most popular blog posts, as chosen by you (those most read and shared throughout the year). It’s an opportunity for you to see content you might have missed, or even recap some key thoughts which might help you when planning the year ahead.

1. Prezi vs. PowerPoint – video

2. A Series on Personal Branding 

3. Three Good Reasons why Poor Public Speakers Won’t Get Laid

4. Five Golden Rules for Blowing Away Your Audience with Prezi

5. The Best Way to Sell an Idea in a Sales Pitch

6. Prezi is a Tool, yes. But it’s Also a Mindset

7. Five Ways to Inspire Your Audience

8. Using PowerPoint for Business Presentations – The Truth

9. Prezi Templates – cliched no matter what they say

Hannah Jones
Hannah has spent the last few months getting to know PowerPoint and Prezi, and sharpening her design skills. Hannah shares presentation design and delivery advice as she learns it, and can often be found sharing the articles which have helped her on Twitter @impacttips.
Hannah Jones
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