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How important is presentation structure?

Whether you are new to presenting, or an old hand, the structure of your presentation is the key to its success! Of course there are many other elements to creating a great presentation, but if you have your structure right, you are much more likely to make a winning one.

I feel a little evangelical about this, as it’s this element of making presentations that has helped me the most. It’s easy to become wrapped up in how your presentation will look and how you will deliver it, and not spend enough time at the planning stage.

Get your presentation structure right

By planning well, and adding a logical and memorable structure, you will create a framework which allows you to deliver your presentation with confidence. It is much easier to concentrate on adding flair and interesting visuals when the structure is taken care of. It will help you to know where you are in your presentation and so you will be less likely to lose your audience along the way.

It is simple to create a structure by breaking down your message into – Introduction, Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 and a Conclusion. We find that this process is invaluable as it really forces you to focus on what you want to convey and what the important issues are.

Once your clear and concise message is organised into the simple 3 Act structure, you can add your creative elements and personal or company style. Very few presenters enjoy or perform well without a framework to support them. By using a framework you then have the flexibility to be ‘spontaneous’ and still maintain a focused presentation and if all else fails, (and sometimes it will), you will have your structure to fall back on!

Here are some useful links for Speech Structure and adding Fit, Focus and Flair to your presentations.

If you have a specific presentation to make, we have 6 Speech Structures to make your life easier. Choose from:

Speech Structure – The Progress Report

Speech Structure – The Strategy Recommendation

Speech Structure – The Product Sales Presentation

Speech Structure – The Justification of a Decision

Speech Structure – The Training or Teaching Presentation

Speech Structure – The Bad News Presentation

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Lesley Barringer
Lesley designs presentations at The Message Business. She has years of experience and loves Prezi when it's used well. She has set up a number of online businesses, is a published author and Mum of three boys.
Lesley Barringer
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