Prezi Explained

Q. …What is Prezi?

In a nutshell, Prezi is a flash-based presentation system that allows you to create incredibly dynamic presentations. Presentations where you can zoom in and out across a large area (no slides), create motion paths to lead you through a story, embed images and video and do things that previously needed a pretty competent flash developer and a whole chunk of time to do. It challenges traditional slide-based presentation software. And it is very, very easy to learn and use. Here’s an example of how Prezi works behind the scenes and in presentation mode.

Q. …Is it better than PowerPoint?

Poor presenters will still present badly with Prezi, maybe even worse because there’s less structure to follow than in a PowerPoint template. But designers, poets, CEO’s who want to woo investors, show-offs, me and people with a little bit of flair for the new and dangerous will just want to have a go.  Used well, Prezi is a great way to reinforce that ‘difference’ that we want to show when we’re selling and idea or a product.

In this short video, we explain the key similarities and differences between PowerPoint and Prezi. Basically the key messages are:

  1. If your speech is poor, neither tool will help you.
  2. PowerPoint has simple strengths for the average business presenter.
  3. Prezi has a couple of significant strengths if you want to stand out.

Q. …Why should you learn how to use it?

It differentiates you from 99.99% of the others in your field. Let’s put it more directly. I had a pitch recently for a big chunk of credit crunch busting work over 2 years. I created a great story, charmed the client, created the visuals and chose to use this (with a PPT backup if all went wrong). It just wowed them. 95% our work, 5% these Slavic nutcases, but it helped to make a difference.

Q. …How can I learn how to use it?

You can, of course, download Prezi and learn how to use it by yourself. That’s what we did, and through trial and error we got to grips with all its tools and features.

If you want to get started now, we’ve written the definitive Ebook – Prezi for Professionals. To find out more about how to stand out from the crowd using the newest, most flexible presentation software in the most compelling way, click here.


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