Prezi Graphics Packs – Instructions for Use

We have made our Prezi Graphics Packs simple and easy to use.

Included in the pack are a layout example in .pdf and .eps* format and a grouped assets file in .pdf format. From these files you can see clearly what your Prezi could look like and what the individual assets (images) are.

The individual assets are also saved as .swf files which are really useful in Prezi.  These are tiny image files which don’t pixelate when zoomed into, allowing you to keep the quality of the images and not have a huge Prezi file.

As .swf are flash files, they will only be visible when inserted in your Prezi. They can then be added to your collection for use in future Prezis, by just right clicking on the image in your Prezi and choosing ‘Add to My Collection’.

*If you have a graphics programme, such as Adobe Illustrator, you will be able to open the .eps file and edit and adapt the images as you like.

 If you need advice and support using Prezi, visit our Prezi section on the website. You will find lots of free information and guidance and the various training options we offer.

If you want to see how some of our templates can be used, take a look at Our Prezi Gallery.

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