Think Visually. Make people remember your presentation.

In developing our skills as presenters, it’s important to understand that we are using 2 ‘channels’ of information in our attempts to make the points we want to make-

  1. The visual elements of our presentation- which tend to dominate our audience’s perception of the moment, and
  2. The verbal elements to support to the visual impressions we make.
Strong presenters understand the the subtle relationship between these sources of information for our audience, less experienced speakers often don’t and the power of the message is lost. Here’s a short post to fill in some details and relationship between these two, sometimes conflicting, ‘channels’.
An interesting statistic to bear in mind, is:
  • HEAR a piece of information, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it.
  • Add a picture (ie. SEE a piece of information) and you’ll remember 65% of it.

Or rather more visually-


While I’d argue with the precision of the numbers, I agree with the general point it makes. The visual and verbal working in harmony can make your points unforgettable.

How much of your presentation do you want your audience to remember? 10% or 65%?

Visual Aids.  That’s the point really.


Rosie Hoyland
Rosie is a writer and content creator and has worked for many years as a print and digital designer for The Message Business. When she’s not creating fantastic resources for our trainers and clients, she shares her presentation design wisdom here on the blog and over at Presentation Guru.
Rosie Hoyland
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